Calculate money number math answer result free morgage, payment, interest, save, invest, lones, retire compound interest, inflation, math, geometry, plot, date & time math

3=calculate paement=$/month tu pae off a lone (morgage) 5=will payment=x $/month or $/week pae off a lone? 10=get lone numbers: % interest, paement, how long, total $ pae. 15=inflation: future value of money. How flate rate ruin the $. 16=Compound interest: save & invest...see yer money gro 19=how much money yu need tu save tu retire=save + kompound gro 20=annuities 23=Time span, date, add time & dates, werk daes, how old are yu? kalander. 25=Convert units...length, area, volume, mass, time, energy, power, speed, etc. 28=plot math funkshuns, draw geometry shapes, plot data 32=calculate math: sum, sort, average, primes, fakters, frakshuns 34=trig, triangels, polygons, serkels 36=serkels

1. Bi or Rent: kompare flat or bi hous 2. loan types & banker terms
3. get monthly paement tu pae off lone (morgage) 4. tabel av monthly paement for raenj av % interest & number yeers .
5. Will x $/month ever pae off a lone? 6 Variabel interest rate (ARM) Yu mae save $
7. max lone yu kan get, max hous yu kan bi 8. compare 2 startup kosts affekt paement & total kost
9. reel % interst wen banker add points & kloes kost tu lone 10. get NE av the 4 basik numbers bout a lone
1. interest rate, 2. how much yu oe (balans)
3. time span, 4. payment
11. if refinance morgage, how long tu offset refi cost? How much save? 12. konvert normal lone tu biweeklee (pae evree 2 weeks) . save money & months
13. 1 xtra paement, or pae xtra $/month 14. munee tu time...yu ern pre-tax money but gotta spend after-tax
15. inflation kut the value əv money: 1800 thru 2010=1.24 %/yeer=1,230% 16. compound interest, growth rate, effektiv interest rate , rule av 72
17. how money gro wen yu save & invest regular+ kompound interest 18. 401k, 403b, 457... save money for tu retire.
19. how much $/month yu need tu save & invest tu retire? 20. annuity: how much $/month yu get
or how much $ yu need tu put in
21. Kredit Kard or revoling kredit: min pae kan take 40 yeers tu pae off. 22 bmi, add up koins, wind chil, du point, heet index
luze wate, pae rate, kar: miles per dollar
23. Date & Time: how old R yu? (age)
calculate number daes tween 2 dates
add daes,weeks, months tu a date
calculate dae-av-week, dae-av-yeer
24. Govt holidaes in yeer nn .
25. konvert length, area, volume, mass, time, energy, power, speed, temperature,force,etc 26. distance tween sitees in USA and round the globe
27. find yer wate on erth & planets 28. make plots, graf, charts...line, bar, polar, pie chart
29. calculate area & rim length: simpel shapes 30. sun, moon, & stars...distans, how brite
full moon, blue moon, eester
31. rule av 78...depreshiate asset or ruff interest kalkulate . 32. math: sum, averaej, median, sort numbers, fakters, prime numbers
grade point averaej, persent, calculater
33. line geometry...lines, points, tangent lines 34. triangels
35. regular polygons 36. serkels
37. 4 sided polygon shape
wi did skaerkro win a pries? klik tu gotu bottom
get wise old saying bad nu krat speek=gibberish morgage rates komments, ideas, feedbak add this site tu yer favorites
bloopers fascinating facts home/house/housing lifespan av houshold thangs politikal korrektness silly laws silly quotes silly sines silly warning labels US history

program 2
output 1=banker terms output 2=morgage types
program 3
calculate the paement tu banker tu pae off a lone (morgage).
calculate interest, total kost, balans, du date, payment skedyuel.
dont inklude taxes & inshuer
1.calculate $/month tu paeoff a lone 1bget amotizashun tabel, xtra paements, xtra print
2. pae 2 times a month insted əv evree month. 3. pae evree 2 weeks insted əv evree month.
4. pae evree week insted əv evree month.
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Program 4
make tabel of paement for raenj av % & time span
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   Kost av a lone depend on $ yu borro (balans), interest rate, & time span (yeers).
Shorter lone: yu pae a lot less interest so it kost less.  15 yr lone:
the % interest is a littel less than a 30 yr lone.
   Reelter probablee will warn yu tu NOT  get 15 yr lone.  Her will sae
it put yu at risk if yu luze job or hav big medikal bills...yu mae hav
prob make hous paement.  The wae round this is tu get 30 yr lone,
but evree month send in dollars for a 15 yr lone. Then if yu ever hav munee
probs, yu kan send in less money for a wile.
Aft 5 yrs paeing like a 15-yr lone, balans=76,308$.  Yu paed off 23,692$.

 program 5
1. will payment=x $/month or $/week pae off a lone?
2. get balans; pae xtra tu pae off lone erlee      
3. wanna sell yer morgage?
4. Konsolidate many debts intu 1 "eezee pae"
5. home equity lone or sekond morgage     
6. PMI=private morgage insure       
7. revers morgage...get x $/month outta hous 
8. interest kompound til due date...then pae it off
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program 6 Variabel interest rate lones (ARM)=cheepest thang in town part 1...calculate variabel interest rate lone (ARM) part 2...calculate paement skedyuel (amortizashun tabel) TOP | NEXT | prior

Puter calculates numbers 2 waes: 1. % interest stae at the (very lo) start rate. 2. % interest go up at max rate set in lone papers. ARM (Adjustabel Rate Morgage) has loest interest rate əv NE lone. As əv 15 Apr 04, for 1 yeer arm (% fixed for first yeer), if yu hav the best kredit, yu pae 3.69%. In retern, yu aksept the risk interest rate mae go up & yer paement mae go up tu. Program got tu big...puter kant handel it. So me kut it in 2 parts. part 1=most opshuns part 2=make paement skedyuel (amortizashun tabel) The maen prob with ARMs is folk hu bi em kauz it iz the onlee wae em kan make this months paement. Em dont thank bout the fyucher kauz em liv hand-tu-mouth alredee. Em just hav a vaeg hope thangs will get better sumdae. ARMs hav the loest interest rate. Its theer onlee hope. ARMs had a lotta probs in the erlee yeers, so the Fed govt steped in an imposed rules on the bankers. The rules sae banker gotta tell yu bout the "terms". This meens him gotta menshun all the vareebels and tell yu how him pute the numbers. ARMs hav a lot more vareebels than a "standard" fixed rate lone. Sins the interest rate varee, him gotta sae how oft, how much, how kum, & spesifi limits. Normal...theer is a start time pereeod wen stuff is fixed...paement & interest. Normal=6 months tu 1 yeer. Then thangs chaenj. The % interest gotta be based on sumthang. Normal=it is based on sum tipe av lone, yuzually on a lone INDEX. Most kommun index nowadaes is US fed govt 1-yeer "bill". This is a govt IOU. Bankers thank unkel Sam is good risk, so him pae the loest % in town. The BASE is the thang (index) the banker yuz. The MARGIN is the dif tween the base & wot banker charj yu. Next, banker gotta sae how oft him calculate nu % interest. Norm=6 months or 1 yeer. Then theer R kaps. Kaps R limits tu how much yu gotta pae...max size əv chaenjes (eech won & max for the life əv the lone). Ex...step max mae be 1/2%=max him kan up the interest rate eech time. Life time max interest mae be 10%. If interest rate go up (99% əv the time), yu mae hafta pae more $/month. Hier % meen yu pae more money tu interest & less tu pae off lone. If % get tu hi, yer paement mae not kuver the interest. So banker tell yu tu pae more $/month. Papers from banker gotta spell out the rules bout how him duit. In sampel belo, paement dubbels from 460$ tu 853$.
program 7...Calculate max lone yu kan get/max morgage yu kan bi
1. calculate max morgage, simple vershun 2. calculate max morgage, banker vershun
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    Hous-poor...yu R deep in debt...on the verj əv go tu poor hous.
(nowadaes kalled homeless), bankrupt, bellee up, broke & tied in nots.
Yu stretched evreethang tu the limit tu get the max morgage yu kood...
the most spensiv hous yu kan (maby) pae for.  Then kame kid 1.
At wons, yu spend 30% more but wife had tu quit her job, so inkum go
down 30%.  Now yu skrape penees tu tri tu keep the banker at bae.
Yu R behind on paements, maxed out 20 kredit Kards, debts keep groing
like mad, krediters bang on yer door at nite.  Kids hungree.  Kid 5
weers hand-me-downs from 2, 3, & 4.  Kids trash the hous faster than
yu kan kleen up behind em.  Draen baked up, but yu kant afford tu kall
a plumber.  The inside əv yer 13-yr old kar looks like shit kauz 6 kids
and 2 dogs luv tu bouns on the seets.  kid 1 wines kauz yu wont bi him
an 80,000$ Mersaedeez (106,708.83$ with interest...yuz program 3...yer
a poor risk & gotta pae ski hi interest).  Orthodontist tri tu kollekt
8000$ yu oe him for the uglee braeses on kid 3.  Hit man from lone
shark thretin tu du nonnamed dismemberment tu non spesified bodee parts.
   All bekauz yu HAD tu impress yer nabers.  Was it werth it?  Yer kall.
program 2 lones, how it affekt paement, kost, interest
output 1 kompare kosts əv up-front kosts output 2 kompare lone length (time span) kosts
output 3 hier % interest kost more
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    Calculate paement & kost for 2 similar lones (from 2 dif bankers).
This adds kloesing kosts tu lone bekaus if yu pae kosts outside the
lone, yu reduce savings that kood ern interest... the interest yu forgo
is a kost.  Approx bekauz interest on savings < interest on lone.
program 9...Get effektive interest rate (APR rate)av points & kloes kosts
Output 1... banker sho kosts Output 2... banker hide kosts
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program 10
 4 numbers define a lone, need 3 tu get 1 yu want
     1=% interest (interest rate)
     2=$ borroed  (balans=$ yu oe)
     3=lone length=time span=yeers & months ("duration" in banker-speek)
     4=paement    ($/month, week, etc).
output 1...calculate percent interest output much yu borroed (balans or $ yu oe)
output 3...time tu pae off morgage (lone) output 4...calculate paement
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program 11: refinans morgage at loer % interest Yuz smaller interest rate tu cut paement or paeoff lone erlee.
output 1: calculate how long tu pae off kloes kosts output 2: wot % yu need tu offset kosts in 2 yeers
output 3: yuze loer % interest tu pae off lone erlee
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program 12: konvert from $/ month tu $ evree 2 weeks=biweekly
output 1:calculate numbers for a raenj əv yeers
output 2:calculate how much yu kood save on a nu lone
output 3:calculate how much y kan save on old lone yu ben paeing on
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   Yu kan save money & time if yu konvert morgage tu biweeklee.
Yu pae banker evree 2 weeks insted əv evree month. Puter calculate
how fast yu paeoff morgage & how much yu save.  Kan be big buks.
Beware əv krooks hu send junk mael saeing em will duit fer yu for
onlee 179.9999$.  Most bankers chaenj theer papers free.  A greedee
banker mite charj 25$.   Maby a fone kall will duit in 10 minutes.
   Biweekly paements...Divide $/month bi 2 & send in that number
evree 2 weeks.  But yu pae 26 times/yeer.  So same as send in 13 monthly
paements=like 1 xtra monthly paement/yeer.
   Note...make shuer banker will kredit yer akkount wen the money kum.
Yu redues balans after 2 weeks & thus pae less interest unless banker
kant handle NE chaenj tu his rigid skedyuel.
   Or yu kan send in xtra money with eech paement.
Xtra 50$/month giv bout same result as biweekly pae.
send in xtra $ evree month, klik heer

program 13...send xtra paements=save munee & time
output 1:1-time xtra paement output 2:xtra $/month from now on
output 3:pae off lone in nn months
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program 14...wen yu bi sumthang, yu spend after-tax dollars reel kost is how long yu gotta werk tu pae taxes & the munee yu spend
calculate how long tu werk tu ern nuff munee tu bi stuff
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program 15...flate rate (inflation) the value əv money go down all the time
output 0: rule av 70 or 68=num yeers tu kut dollar in half output 1: flate rate in 1 yeer
output 2: calculate past inflation tween 2 yeers output 3: calculate how fyucher inflation ups prieses
output 4: make tabel əv how fyucher inflation make prieses go up output 5: flate rate devalue the dollar
klik heer tu get raw data
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Cost əv living numbers for past yeers kum from Federal Reserv Bank at Minneapolis (numbers for 1800 intu 2011). Last 12 months data from Buro əv Laber Stats. Flate rate 1800 tu 2011=1.25%/yeer or 1,273% (211 yeers) A dollar in the hand is werth 2$ 5 yeers from now (or 6 yrs, or...). This is the time value av munee. A dollar now is alwaes werth more than a dollar in the fyucher. The present value əv fyucher munee is same as the value əv yer money x yeers in fyucher with flate rate=x%...yuz output 5 tu calculate present value. Diff wae tu look at it...present value is based on how much a streem əv munee (inkum) is werth...see program 20 (annuity).
program 16: Kompound interest make yer pile-o-doe gro
output 0: rule av 72 output 1: calculate how compound interest make munee gro
output 1b. yu wanna hav 1 milyun $
output 2: if hous pries trippel in 20 yeers, wot %/yeer? output 2b: wot % retern du yu need tu get x $ ?
output 3: tabel əv how kompound interest gro output 4: calculate effective interest rate
output 5: plot how money gro from kompound interest output 6: different % retern eech yeer
output 7: invest return, bi/sell. NE time frame output 8: bond yield tu maturity
output 9: tax free effektiv interest rate output 10. how long tu gro munee
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program 17...add x $/(yeer, quarter, month, etc) & add kompound interest
output 1: save & gro x $/month, yeer, etc output 1b: start IRA erlee tu save nuff tu retire
output 1c: add x $/month, then y $/month, z... output 2: calculate tabel tu sho how save money gro
output 3: how much tu save regular tu hav as much as yu want output 3b=how long tu save 1 milyun $
output 4: taxes kut yer effektiv return output 5: flate rate kut intu how yer munee gro
output 6: taxes + flate rate kan kill yu...almost no return output 7: add x $/month but kompound 1 time a yeer
output 8: plot how munee gro wen yu add x $/month output 9:nonregular add tu invest akkount...find averaej retern
output 10. wot % retern do yu need?
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program 18...401k, 403b, 457 plans...grate wae tu save & gro money
calculate how yer 401 munee will gro
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save money for tu retire on yer pile-o-doe. Similiar tu IRA in that yer munee gro tax deferred til yu take out money (assumed tu be wen yu retire). The kumpanee takes out the munee, so yu never see it, so yer not tempted tu spend it. 401k and its kuzins hav this going fer em... 1. Em redues yer taxes evree yeer. Evree dollar yu put intu the 401k kuts the pre-tax inkum on the form yu get from the Kumpanee at 1040 time. 2. The money gro tax deferred. This meens yu delae paeing taxes on the ernings (interest) yer munee gets til yu take it out (wen retired). 3. Yu kan put more money intu a 401k than intu an IRA (13,000$ in 2004). 4. The kumpanee mae add xtra $s tu yer akkount (kumpanee match). The biggest prob is...the "plan" gotta be offered bi the kumpanee yu werk for. Onlee half əv full-time werkers in US werk for rite kumpanee. The program assumes yu will hav a job with good pae for as long as yu want. It assumes yu will retire wen yu want...not wen foersed tu. In tudaes werld this is rather optamistik. In the reel werld, yu R likely tu be laed off at aej=45 & never agin hav a reel job. Yu will be foersed tu take NE job yu kan get & aksept wotever em pae yu. Yu gotta liv yeers at a time wen yu dont hav NE inkum tu speek av. Sum geeks hav a program that ask yu how fast yer fyucher kumpanee pae will go up. This is so outraejus, it is silly. It dont hav NE konnekt tu the reel werld...we kant even predikt IF we will hav a job next yeer...let alone wich state the next temp job will be in.
program 19...tu save & gro nuff money tu liv on wen yu retire
1. simpel ...want 1,000,000$?, calculate $/month yu need tu save 2. komplex...calculate how much money yu will need tu liv in stile
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Will yu hav nuff money tu retire? or for NE big fyucher spend? Tell puter how much yu hav now, wot yu wanna hav. Puter calculate $/month yu gotta save.
program 20...annuity...wen yu retire, take out fixed $/month
1. yu put up x$, how much $/month kan yu get out for life 2. yu want x$/month for life; how much munee du yu hafta put up?
3. take out x$/month for nn yeers 4. yu put up x$, want munee for nn yeers
5. make tabel... paement yu get out for raenj əv % and yeers 6. how long will yer munee will last
7. take out more $ eech yeer tu match flate rate 8. wot is the % retern av annuity quote?
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Yu hav a pile-av-doe saved up. Time tu retire so yu wanna liv on it. Yu wanna no how much $/month paeout yu kan take out & hav it last n yeers. This is similar tu bi an annuity from an inshuer kumpanee. Em will sae how much $/month based on how much money yu put up, how old yu R, wot % retern em spekt tu get bi investing yer munee, the paeout opshun yu sine up fer, how much profit em wanna make, how big theer spenses R, How much em set aside as a rezerv tu kuver possible probs, etc. Yu kan be yer inshuer kumpanee. Avoid the hassels, take all the profit, no kosts, & yu kan chaenj yer mind NE time yu want. Yuniversity proffesers konsider an annuity tu be the present value əv fyucher munee. Em sae it is the money yu gotta put up tudae tu get a stedee streem əv money kummin in evree month. So all the fyucher money yu get is now werth x$ much yu gotta put up tudae.
Program 21...lone such as kredit card or revolving kredit
1. minimum paement: how long tu pae off kredit kard 2. how much a lone kost yu
3. kost if banker let yu skip 1 paement
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Averaej Amerikan houshold Kredit kard debt=8,329$ (Des 2008). Averaej av yu hu hav 1+ KK:10,679$ Apr 2009: averaej kk interest rate=14.17%. 185 milyun famlees in US hav 1+ kredit kards. (hard tu beleev sins US govt sae theer R 75.6 mil famlees in USA). averaej interest rate= 11.2% tu 18.9%, (depend on hu yu beleev) 24% av spend is on a kk or debit kard. 20% hav maxed out all theer KK's. 40% av Amerikan famlees spend more than em ern. averaej famlee KK interest=83 tu 125 $/month, (depend on hu yu beleev) banks in Amerika send out 5.3 bilyun kard offers/yeer. US census buro sae US hav 111.3 milyun "housholds" in 2003 (but oenlee 75.6 mil famlees). this impli 48 kredit kard offers per "houshold".
Program 22: bmi, due point, heet index, wind chil, ets
1. lone interest rate=3-5%/month 2. Add up all the dollars bills & koins yu hav
3. calculate bmi body mass index 4. luze wate, kount calories, bern off fat
5. pae rate per our/dae/week/month/yeer 6. calculate wind chill
7. calculate heet index 8. calculate dew point (water kondens)
9. periodic tabel av elements 10. calculate miles per dollar
11. kompare kost av 2 kars
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Program 23: date & time
0. calculate how old yu R...# daes, # yeers, ets 1. calculate num daes tween 2 dates
1b. calculate num werk daes tween 2 dates 2. add daes tu a date...get nu date
3. calculate num daes til yer big date kum 4. calculate dae-av-week for NE date ex=birthdate
4b. find all fridae the 13th in 1 yeer 5. calculate dae-av-yeer & week-av-yeer for NE date
5b Get the 7 daes in 1 week around yer date
6. calculate how old yu R on earth, Mars, planet x 7. make a 1-month erth kalendar
8. make a 1-yeer erth kalendar 9. 1 milyun sekonds=11 dae 13 hr 46 min 40 sekond
9b. delta time tween 2 times 9c. calculate time...add,subtract, multiply,divide...month, dae, hr, min, sek
10. fill out werk time sheet 11. get all fridaes in a month
12. analog klok: minut hand katch our hand
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Theer iz a site on the web tu get a birth date wen yuno die date and how old wen him died. Yu kan du that heer...yuz output 2 and input negative numbers for yeers, months, & daes. Tu be akkurate, yu gotta no all 3.

Program 24...get govt holidaes in yeer=nn get guvt holidaes for 1 yeer TOP | NEXT | prior

program 25...konvert units...length, area, volume, mass, time, enerjee, power, speed
 1  konvert length & distans,units=angstrom, inch, foot, meter, mile, lite-yeer, etc
 1a konvert foot&inch tu/from cm          
 1b obsolete english lengths...fathom,hand,leeg,palm,rod,rope,etc 
 2  convert area   ...square mile, aker, foot, meter
 3  konvert volume, liter, gallon, barrel       
 3b get tin kan size (volume & wate)          
 4  convert mass   ...owns, pound, slug, ton, kg 
 5  konvert time   ...sekond, minute, our, dae, week, month, yeer
 5b add yeers+months+weeks+daes+....get # seks, # min, #hrs...   
 6  convert energy ...btu, kw-hr, therm, ft-lb, erg,gas,tnt,erth quake, a-bomb, meteor hit
 7  konvert power, watt, btu/hr, hoerspower  
 8  convert speed  ...mph, ft/sec, km/hr, nots, lite speed
 9  konvert temperature... farenheit & Sentigrade            

 10 convert numbers tween desimal, binary, oktal,hex
 10bkonvert koler kode from hex tu rgb   
 11 konvert force (foers) dyne, poundal, nueton, kip
 12 convert pressure..paskal, kg/m2, bars, psi, inch
 13 konvert density                    
 14 convert volume flo rate            
 15 konvert mass flo rate              
 16 convert angles                     
 16bconvert angles tu desimal degree  
 17 konvert angel speed (angular)      
 18 angel accelerashun   (angular)     
 19 convert gas mileaej               
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program 26...calculate distans tween 2 sitees on erth
1. calculate distance tween sitees in USA 2. calculate distance round the werld
3. latitude & longitude...get distance
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program 27...calculate wate ("weight" in superkrat), density
1. kalkulate wate on moon, Mars, Venus, other planets 2. kalkulate density .
3. density əv kommon stuff .
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program 28: make plots
1. plot a math formula 2. pole plot əv trig funkshuns
3. line plot 4. line plot, form input
4b line plot, 2 kervs 4c bar chart + 1 lineplot
4d plot 1 yeer av data 5. bar chart
6. step chart 7. floeting bar charts
7b min/max plot (graf,chart) 7c stok pries plot...lo/kloes/hi (graf,plot)
8. staked bar charts 9. side-bi-side bar charts
10. pie charts (graf or plot) 11. 1 yeer plot
12. plot up tu 6 yeers 13. data for eech yeer
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program 29: kalkulate areas
1. calculate area av simpel shapes 2. regular polygon
3. calculate area av nonregular polygon
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program 30: stars, moon, tides
1. star briteness (apparent magnitude) 2. star distans
3. star absolute magnitude 4. moon faze, full moon time
5. full moons in 1 yeer 6. blue moons
7. wen is Eester?
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program 31: rule av 78: depresheate or pute interest
output 1=depresheeate kar or other asset output 2=pae off lone bi rule av 78
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program 32: math
output 0=sort numbers output 1=numbers: sum, average, median, max
output 1b=sum sequens av numbers output 1c. simpel ops on a number
output 2=grade point average output 3=persent
output 4=kalkulater output 5=find fakters in integer number
output 5b=kommon fakters av 2 numbers output 6=is it a prime number?
output 6b=all primes in a range output 6c=kount num primes
output 6d=find the 100th prime output 7=solv quadratik equashun
output 8. faktorial output 9=fibonacci numbers
output 10=raes 2 tu integer power output 11=number raesed tu power
output 11b=roots av a number
output 12=add big numbers output 13=math expreshun
output 14=math formula output 14b. find a zero av equashun
output 15=log tu NE base output 16=big number math
output 17=pythogorian tripel output 18=frakshuns
output 18a=redues frakshun tu loest output 18b=konvert desimal tu frakshun
output 18c=mixed frakshun output 18d=LCM=leest kommon multipel
output 18e=sort frakshuns output 18f=up tu 10 frakshuns
output 19=half life dekae output 20=average speed
output 21=werk parallel=faster output 22=geometrik meen av reel numbers
output 23=Root Meen Square (RMS) output 24=Paskal triangel
output 25=triangel numbers TOP | NEXT | prior
program 33: line geometry
output 1=get strate line from 2 points output 1b: slope-intersept form
output 1c: line from 1 point & slope output 1d: projekt data tu point 3
output 2=weer 2 lines intersekt output 3=distans from point tu line
output 3b get parallel line thru point output 4=line intersect circle
output 5=line tangents tu circle output 6=serkel inside 2 lines
TOP | NEXT | prior
program 34: triangels
output 1=equalateral triangel output 1b: isosceles triangel
output 2=input vertex points output 3=input length av 3 sies
output 4=input 2 sides & 1 angel output 5=kalkulate rite triangel
output 6=triangel along diameter output 7. triangel from inside serkel
output 8. triangel inside serkel
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program 35: regular polygons
output 1=regular polygon output 2=oktogon inside square
output 3. make star from poly
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program 36: serkels
output 1=3 points define serkel output 2=serkel sekter from radius
output 2b: sekter from chord output 2c: sekter from angel
output 3=polygon inside serkel output 4=2 serkels overlap
output 5=outside tangents
program 37: 4-sided shapes
output 1: rektangel output 2: parallelogram
output 3: rombus ("rhombus") output 4: kite

for tek geeks: pi=3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679

moon month: 29.53059 daes tween 2 full moons Averaej yeer is 365.237998 daes...from start əv spring tu next time. =31,556,563 sekonds this is "solar" daes=sun daes=from noon tu noon (relative tu sun) From this yu kan predikt wen eester kum...but cherch bosses got theer wae based on outta date astronomee as əv 1200. Em R rong 2% əv time. ************ The sun puts out 3.8*1026watts. It bern 4.2*10**9 kg/sec tu duit. It konvert mass tu lite & radiate it awae, so its gon, gon, gon. Less mass meen less gravity, so planets muve awae from sun. Erth muve out bout 1 meter/100 yeers. ************ Yuniversal konstants... G=Nutons gravity konstant=6.6742*10-11 (meter^3)/kg-sec^2 h=planks konstant =6.6260693*10-34 juel-sec c=speed əv lite =299,792,458 meter/sec (govt define this as exact) TOP | prior